What would I do with unlimited resources

Adrian Avendano
1 min readJul 12, 2019

What would I do if I had a billion dollars in the bank?

  1. Work towards having GST meetups in all emerging tech communities, and all key countries in the world
  2. Have a global/regional gatherings once a year
  3. Maximize the amount of data and connections made in the community
  4. Empower community builders and fund their chapter for further programs
  5. Personal assistant to help me manage everything and logistics, meetings, bookings, calls, emails, reminders.
  6. New laptop and new two phones
  7. Renew old items like 20 only
  8. Keep traveling and living in different countries and explore at least 6/9 new ones per year!
  9. Programs for financial inclusion and skilling up the bottom of the pyramid with tech and soft skills. Could be a GST side program and hire people to measure and execute the metrics!
  10. Work towards being the UN of Tech.! Tech and SDG’s!
  11. Hire the best people in the world to help me do so!



Adrian Avendano

Founder GlobalSouthTech. A community with the goal to connect the US and European tech ecosystems w/ Latam, Africa, MENA, China and SEA. http://bit.ly/2zab3jk