What practices and daily routines bring me the most flow and mental sharpness?

Flow + Focus Principles

Adrian Avendano
2 min readNov 26, 2020

Throughout the years — 12 to be exact — I’ve been working on how to be the most productive and achieve the best flow. Flow is fundamental as it allows our minds and senses to do things that we normally can’t do. I decided to put a list together of the habits and activities that have helped me achieve this state and basically feel more at peace with myself.

A fundamental principle is having a growth mindset. Everything is changing and adaptation is key. I try and avoid static ideas about who I am and what I feel, and go with the flow of things at that moment in time.

  • Sleep 7+ hours (preferably sleep by 12:30am)
  • Cold showers
  • Have sex 2/3 times per week. Unless I’m in a break!
  • Workout 120 minutes per day at least 5 times a week, increasing intensity and variety! running, hiking, HIT, swimming, and weight training!
  • Intermittent fasting 16/8, do long terms with eventual breaks!
  • Clean diet, high protein many fruits and vegetables, and colors!
  • Daily meditation 40/50 minutes a day
  • No social media except for messaging people, posting content, research or play!
  • Daily stretching 6 to 10 minutes pre-workout with a warmup.
  • Going to nature, or beach every 6/7 weeks at least for 5 to 6 days!
  • Track my core activities and projects, as it helps me re assess what I am doing and not get lost.
  • If a hurdle or difficulty is encountered in the process, stop reassess and dive in deeper, and find a new approach or new consideration and include it or tweak it
  • Going for walks or hikes 1 to 2hrs!
  • Focus on the main 4 projects (GST, YT, Poly, Crypto)+ explore random stuff!
  • Have breaks from most of these rules and principles to feel distracted and crazy, get into rabbit holes, creating fantasy and mystery. Observe the details! This is needed every 2/3 weeks either by a trip or hikes somewhere 3 days at least ideally 7!
  • Work and Play every week. Both are necessary and fundamental.
  • Always approach strangers, have random interaction days. Feel their energies. It's like daily practice and exercise. It’s painful but it's totally worth it!
  • Have deadline regarding locations and projects, it gives me the energy to getting feedback, create closure and make progress in all that I’m doing.
  • Daily writing

My core principle is that I am willing to give anything up and take any amount of risk in the name of connection of ideas, people, and systems. Flow is my strongest ally!



Adrian Avendano

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