We are wired to be Semi-Nomadic.

I want to write about some of the feelings I’m getting by traveling to a new city and country after being stuck in Tbilisi Georgia because of Covid!

I feel that my mind feels highly stimulated. I feel on a high, and the reason is that I’m creating new inputs. For example.

  1. New city, buildings, weather, language, human shapes, tastes, and food.

I have lived in close to 18 different countries. So, I have learned and experienced some of the challenges when arriving in a new place and country. Here are some examples:

  1. Not knowing anyone, and feeling isolated

As you can see, there are pros and cons to moving to a new city or country. But I came to realize that all deep learning experiences come with unavoidable uncomfortable feelings and pain — pain is unavoidable — . So I have come to accept uncomfortable feelings and pain, as part of doing interesting things in life. Pain is my close friend and ally!



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Adrian Avendano

Adrian Avendano

Founder GlobalSouthTech. A community with the goal to connect the US and European tech ecosystems w/ Latam, Africa, MENA, China and SEA. http://bit.ly/2zab3jk