Immediate feedback from Meetings

Adrian Avendano
1 min readApr 18, 2021

Yesterday had the largest meeting and what was the immediate feedback? What would I change?

Everything went pretty smooth except the music of course I have to turn it down and they were constantly telling me to stop!

The other thing was managing my phone and having to put the music plus adding people, was a bit complicated plus giving Redbull to people!

And also having to stop at 7:30pm when possible the energy was the highest. That also sucked for sure!!

Language Meetings

The process is quite smooth now, Intros etc! Ask if they want to say something else!

Maybe I need to explain a bit more regarding the lessons and following a more structured process, or at least some format, and how long the lesson!

Ask for feedback and languages?

Does anyone want to say something to everyone?

On flow process.

Consistency is a key factor and get better at anything, the issue is that without constant feedback, is hard to get motivated. So patience is key for motivation purposes, but at the same time tuning immediate feedback is of fundamental priority!



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