Four Ways to Earn Money When You Travel

Adrian Avendano
2 min readJul 4, 2021

During the post covid world many people are already working remotely from home, but people are realizing that they can be working from any their favorite location including the beach, whilst making money and developing their skills.

In this video, I want to share some ideas and inspire people from what I have discovered after being financially independent for 12 years and starting 4 companies. I’m not trying to give any prescriptions, but just areas for which anyone can explore and adapt to their own situation

Develop a Niche Obsession

This is very important because everyone is unique or has the potential to be and/or developed authenticity. This uniqueness could be leveraged — and by leverage, I mean augmenting or extending this unique set of skills — to discover something that you are really good at or the best in the world, that the market values and pay you money for it. Yet, having a niche or core focus is great, but I really try and learn from completely unrelated areas and bring mental models that could enrich my core base of knowledge or your inch obsession

Learn about Crypto Investing

Two years ago only, mainly tech people or investors talked about crypto and investment strategies. Now, I meet so many travelers and non-tech people who are thinking about investing and learning more about cryptocurrencies. There is a lot of speculation around cryptocurrencies, but I’ll just say that the internet needs a programmable, and transferable digital currency. That anyone can have access to. Currently, they are many crypto projects solving many different problems and use cases. But I strongly believe it's just a matter of time for most people across the world to adopt them fully. Here are some resources to get started with and learn more about crypto and trading.

Learn Media + Coding

We are clearly living at an accelerated pace of digitalization in all industries and human endeavors. Thereby, is very important for people to think about how they can use those unique set of skills and leverage them. Coding is a skill that could be applied for building a software tool that other people can use. So you can leverage your unique knowledge and skills and create a unique tool for all the world and use. And use media to explore this tool and a passionate core base of users.

Build a Minimum Viable Audience

I heard about this idea first from Seth Godin, and all it means is that you can’t target the whole world and every single person at the time. We need to find those people who care about what you care about and are willing to share their resources and attention. Even if this audience is 20 to 50 people at first. Focusing and serving those initial users is of fundamental importance.



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