Five Mind Hacks for Travelers in Lockdown

Adrian Avendano
2 min readMay 10, 2020

I travel the world for work and the lockdown has been an interesting time to reflect and refine things that it was hard to make time as I constantly move and travel across the world. But now I am forced to stay in one place. I would like to share five mind hacks for people who travel around the world could find helpful during this new pandemic era.

1. Take Long Walks Alone

There’s no shortage of evidence to suggest that walking — especially walking in natural settings, or just lingering amid greenery, even if you don’t actually walk much — is associated with increased productivity and proficiency at creative tasks. When I read the book “Daily Rituals” by Mason Currey, I was impressed by how many artists went for long walks including Beethoven, Mahler, Erik Satie, and Tchaikovksy. Walking for me has given me the chance to explore ideas and reflect on what is going on in my brain. It’s like some form of travel simulation

2. Write Stuff Down

Taking notes and writing out thoughts down helps significantly in self-reflection, creativity, releasing stress, and tracking what is going on in your life. I found it very difficult to just sort everything out in my own mind without any tool to reflect on my thoughts, emotions, and important things I need to do.

3. Manage your FB, Instagram and YouTube time

During these times of lockdown, there is basically nothing to do except staying at home. And social media platforms provide a rich form for entertainment, but at the same time, they are incredibly powerful at creating addictive behavior, sucking your mental energy, and consuming our time. I am very careful about how much time I spend using these platforms specifically. I usually log out of Instagram on my phone, and I don't have Facebook or YouTube apps installed.

4. Explore Solitude

Most people are scare of being alone, and the simple reason is that facing your own self for extended periods of time can be quite exhausting and even evoke depressive feelings. Yet facing those feelings its nothing but an opportunity to really explore our insecurities, desires, aspirations, creativity in a pure way. Which leads to my next point

5. Approach the Unknown with Curiosity

The unknown creates feelings of uncertainty, despair, anxiety, and stress. But with the points, I mentioned earlier it can help you and stay calmer and aware of these perceived “bad emotions” triggered by uncertainty, and turn it into an act of curiosity and exploration. It just like when you travel to an unknown country on your own. But ultimately you will find incredible revelations about what it means to be a human.




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