Do you need more stress in your life?

Adrian Avendano
2 min readOct 5, 2022

Yes definitely! This photo is in Ishguli Georgia with the Shkara glacier behind which I hiked there.

Modernity, technology, and our current way of life in 2022 point us in the direction which is relatively easy and to live with plenty of food, shelter, clothes, information, and modern medicine (of course many people in developing countries are struggling with basic sustenance — but this is another topic).

For most of human existence, life was brutal, we are lucky to live in this era. I am very conscious of this. Yet, we don’t seem to be the happiest generation AT ALL.

In a sense, we are NOT fully designed to live in the current modern world. This leaves us with one interesting option to maximize and improve our human lives. And this is by creating Hormesis.

Hormesis refers to adaptive responses of biological systems to moderate environmental or self-imposed challenges through which the system improves its functionality and/or tolerance to more severe challenges.

The keyword here is self-imposed. For years I have worked to embrace and welcome moderate to intense pain. I don’t shy away from it, this has changed my life for the better.

Seriously, pushing your body through intense workouts is a MUST.

Pushing your mind to learn and open up to new strange things, ideas people, and situations is a MUST.

Answering the question. Do you need more stress in your life? Yes, self-imposed and in moderate amounts.

Might sound radical, but so far has worked for me! Do this makes sense to you?



Adrian Avendano

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