Can you embrace chaos?

Adrian Avendano
2 min readNov 18, 2022

In Karachi Pakistan when you first arrive everything might seem chaotic and random. And it could certainly cause anxiety if you are strongly attached to a sense of knowing what comes next.

If you have only visited countries in Europe, America, or East Asia (Japan, Korea, China). Experiencing South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc) will possibly turn your world upside down. Things operate differently here.

I first visited India when I was 21 years. My life changed forever. I have never encountered, such chaos, poverty, disorder, filth, smells, unpredictability, and randomness all at once. It took me days and somewhat embrace this apparently insurmountable disorder — a part of me wanted out of India. But in the end, embracing this chaos brought a deep sense of meaning into my life. I learned that

  • Control is a delusion
  • Chaos was providing a way to really expand my mind, senses, and perception
  • It's possible to find comfort in disorder

The beauty of traveling to random places or countries that seem too foreign or different is that it will really force and expand your idea of what life on earth is really like —and what it means to be human.

Pakistan is full of contrasts like in this photo. Beauty is also in chaos and disorder.



Adrian Avendano

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