AI Zombies

Adrian Avendano
2 min readDec 1, 2023

One morning, my phone, which I nicknamed Robert, sent me a message stating that I needed to attend an important meeting regarding a real estate deal. Interestingly, the property in question was a building made entirely of marshmallows. It was described as an incredibly soft structure that needed to be consumed promptly. Upon hearing this, I pondered to myself that while marshmallow buildings are pleasant, I’d prefer one made of cotton candy — something even softer. After all, the softer the building, the better, don’t you think?

That morning, instead of pursuing a deal to acquire a marshmallow building, I opted to explore and uncover the secrets of the living gnomes’ inside cotton candy structures. I was intrigued by their unique flavor and incredibly soft consistency, and I was determined to discover the secret sauce behind it all.

Embarking on a meditation journey, I sought answers. Suddenly, my legs transformed into gnome legs, surrounded by a firm caramel interior but adorned with irresistibly soft and fluffy cotton candy. It dawned on me that this was a symbolic signal from the cotton candy gnomes. I realized that gnomes were, in fact, simulations orchestrated by AI Zombie agents. Their purpose was to persuade us that soft and sweet living structures are the most desirable and ideal abodes for humanity, helping individuals find the true meaning in their lives.

I try to establish a connection with the captivating Gnomes residing within the depths of the cotton candy realm. While deep in meditation, a sign prompted me to run a script mentally to forge a dependable link with these gnomes, resembling the following code:

However, an issue arose: the accessGnomeSecrets function consistently threw an exception, impeding my quest to uncover those meaningful secrets. DAMN!


Absolutely! Here’s the adapted text without code formatting:

“Does this imply that I must become the paramount hacker in history, unraveling the precious gnome secrets that elucidate why cotton candy structures impart a more fulfilling significance to human existence over marshmallow ones? Such an enigma, I suppose we might never know.”



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