Agents as Sharing Tools

Adrian Avendano
1 min readOct 18, 2023

I’ve been actively developing our AI agents, and here’s the progression so far, with a focus on clarity:

1. Data Integration: I started by incorporating new data from various sources and generating the necessary vectors.

2. Enhanced Ranking: To ensure more precise search results, I implemented additional improvements to our ranking algorithms.

3. Faster API Response: Implemented the Stream version in the OpenAI call. Now, you can expect results in just a second or two.

4. File Integration: A recent addition allows us to seamlessly add and parse files, making them ready for search.

5. Efficiency Question:The primary concern now revolves around optimizing this tool for efficiency. It’s genuinely fascinating to be able to add files, query them, and receive near-instant results, typically within a minute or two.

6. User Contribution: Our next step involves enabling users to contribute by naming their agents, providing email addresses, adding files, engaging in conversations with the agents, and publishing them. To add a personal touch, we can also include appealing images to reflect each agent’s unique personality.



Adrian Avendano

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